Sunday, July 27, 2008

Non-Iron Shirts by Charles Tyrwhitt

I am always interested in products which are practical. Hence I had an interest in Non-Iron Shirts by Charles Tyrwhitt. The prospect of saving a little time at the ironing board was irresistible. However, I am not satisfied! Non-Iron Shirts by Charles Tyrwhitt have not worked well for me. There are three problems: They are expensive, require ironing, and have inconvenient removable metal collar stiffeners. The expense is something which will be evident to you when you contemplate buying such a shirt. In itself expense is not a show stopper. However, the poor non-iron performance is a problem. You will get a few non-iron OK washes from your shirts (around two), but thereafter wrinkles will be evident in the dry shirt and you will need to be ironing your expensive shirt before you can wear it. Finally, you will be constantly forgetting to remove the metallic collar stiffeners prior to washing and wondering whether you have destroyed your washing machine and why your shirts look cockeyed at the collar, when they go missing. For the above reasons I award Non-Iron Shirts by Charles Tyrwhitt the low end score of 0/5, not recommended under any circumstances.
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Blogger Tommi Puuska said...

I agree to disagree. Removable brass collar stiffeners are great. You can go casual without them, with a sweater and have collars tucked in or out of the sweater. Or choose to wear the collar stiffeners with a suit and a tie - it just looks sharper than floppy collars.

Sure, non-iron doesn't mean NOT TO IRON, it should be called EASY-IRON, because you can iron these shirts in 2-4 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes with normal or hard to iron shirt. The quality of CT Non-irons differ a little bit. I have 4-5 great nonirons while one is stiffy/metallic feel. Just remember the noquibble quarantee if you don't like them ;).

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